Plastic Baler Machine

A plastic baler machine is not only a good choice for a recycling factory but also an ideal choice for an enterprise that needs to use plastic as raw material. Plastic baler machines are usually used to pack waste plastics and plastic bottles. Of course, it can also baler waste paper, cotton, old clothes, cardboard, etc. It is a multi-purpose recycling machine. The plastic baling machine can be divided into vertical balers and horizontal balers.

plastic baler

vertical plastic baler

The vertical plastic baler main body adopts imported high quality steel plate structure, durable and safe. The operation is simple and convenient. The structure is compact in size and easy to operate. Learn more about vertical baler types.

40 T plastic baler
80T plastic baler
180T plastic baler

40T Vertical baler machine

80T Waste plastic baler machine

180T plastic baling machine

horizontal plastic baler Machine

The horizontal plastic baler consists of a hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and electric control system. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil to transmit power to the cylinder. The pneumatic system uses compressed air to drive the cylinder in reciprocating motion by means of a double-acting piston pump and an air receiver. The electric control system uses the electric motor to drive the above two parts through reducer gearboxes. Learn more about horizontal balers.

80T horizontal plastic baler
160T horizontal plastic baler

80T plastic baler machine

160T waste plastic baling machine

How Does Plastic Pressing Machine Work?

The plastic bottle pressing machine is the most popular; it can press pet bottles, beverage bottles, plastic buckets, etc., and can compress plastic bottles into blocks to the greatest extent, saving space and facilitating transportation. So take the plastic bottle baler as an example; let's see how it works?