Vertical baler

vertical cardboard baler machine for sale

vertical cardboard baler

This vertical cardboard baler can compress voluminous cardboard waste into compact bales, which will reduce the volume of the material by 50%. By compressing cardboard waste, you reduce the importance of the material and save on hauling costs. You can quickly load and unload the machine onto a trailer. The device has a long operating life and reliable performance.

Vertical Plastic Baler for sale

Vertical Plastic Baler

The vertical plastic baler is specially designed for packing a variety of waste plastics, such as plastic bottles, waste plastics, plastic garbage, and so on. It can pack them into blocks, which is convenient for transportation and saves space. The size of the plastic block is relatively stable, which is suitable for transport and saves much space.

Vertical-Aluminum-Can-Baler for sale

Small aluminum can baler

The small vertical aluminum can baler is a compacting machine with small size and high efficiency, which is suitable for compacting various aluminum cans, plastic bottles, barrels, and drums into blocks. With a hydraulic drive, it packs with high efficiency. Compared with traditional machines, this series has features of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, less operating costs, and no secondary pollution.


Vertical Downstroke Baler

With our vertical downstroke baler, you can compress voluminous material into compact bales, reducing the volume of material and helping you save money, and making it easier to handle and ship.


Vertical Mill Size Baler

Ideal for vertical mill size baling cartons, film, and corrugated cardboard. It comprises complete steel components, including piston cylinders, heavy-duty cast iron wheels, and reinforced side plates. With a high density, the bale is solid, uniform, and easy to stack. It can be easily moved around the warehouse by forklift or pallet truck and has been designed to reduce manual handling.

Vertical Clothing Baler for sale

Vertical clothes baler / Textile Baler

The textile/clothes baler was specially designed for compacting textiles and clothing. The machine is mainly used for baling materials such as cotton, wool, artificial fiber, etc. Other types of clothing can also be baled, such as bags and bedding. It is easy to operate the machine. The compacting system makes the product more compact and can be used safely in the factory.

Vertical Straw Baler for sale

Vertical straw baler

A straw baler is a kind of environmental protection equipment that uses the hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc., into pieces, which is beneficial to straw storage, transportation, and utilization. The straw baler can work continuously, with high packing efficiency, simple operation, and convenient use, significantly saving customer transportation and storage costs. It is now widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry and has played a massive role in protecting the environment and resources.


Vertical tyre baler

Vertical tire balers mainly compress small tires such as truck tires and bicycle tires. The weight of one bale reaches 1 ton, and the output goes 3 tons per hour. The tire baler solves many safety and environmental problems caused by the increasing number of waste tires, and the baled tires can be recycled and made into new rubber products. Turning waste into treasure!

Vertical Waste Paper Baler for sale

Vertical Waste Paper Baler Machine

The waste paper baler is a new type of environmental protection equipment used to compress the waste paper into a small bale. The vertical waste paper baler is suitable for small recycling stations and personal use. It does not require ample space and does not occupy much room as automatic waste paper balers.