Textile Baler

The textile baler is specially used to compress and recycle textile waste, used clothes, old towels, old blankets, old quilts, etc. It can also be called a used clothes baler or textile compactor. The textile baling machine has a high compression ratio and can reach up to 80%. The compressed product has a good appearance and physical properties, with good bonding strength, and is easy to open after being compressed. The volume of the compressed products is about 1/10 of the original volume of waste cloths. There are vertical textile balers and horizontal textile balers.  Support customized production.

Vertical textile baler

four door baler
used clothes baling machine

Four-door vertical textile baler

Used Clothes /Textile baler

Standard vertical baler

Horizontal textile baler

The horizontal textile baler machine is composed of a frame, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. The frame is made of a steel plate and welded by a high-frequency welding machine. The hydraulic system uses high-quality hydraulic components that can ensure the long lifetime of the machine. And the electric control system adopts the microcomputer control technology with easy operation and stable performance.

The horizontal textile baler machine is equipped with automatic feeding and bale discharging devices. It adopts a hydraulic compression mechanism to compress the textile waste into a small volume of bales by using the hydraulic compression force. The compressed volume of each bale is customizable.

The belt conveyor is an essential part of the horizontal textile baler, which can take up materials of different sizes and shapes. The material is fed into the machine through its upper part smoothly by many rollers.

Advantages of textile baler

  • The baler can be used in the recycling of textile waste and old clothes.
  • The textile baler machine can compress the material into blocks to the maximum extent, saving transportation costs and space.
  • Textile compactor is convenient to operate and easy to use; Easy baling.
  • The working efficiency is high, and the quality is good.
  • Compression protects the textile from tearing at the same time.
  • Textile baling machine can produce various shapes of products according to your requirements, such as flat shapes or square shapes.
  • It is applied to large-scale commercial or household use.
  • Remote control device to open and close the baler to prevent pinching.
  • An alarm is set to prevent overload.
  • The color of the machine is optional.
  • The machine has an automatic ejecting bale block setting that is easy to operate.
  • There is low noise when the baler machine runs, only about 65 decibels.
  • Floor space of only 20 square feet.

They are controlled by hydraulic cylinders which are operated by servo valves through pressure sensors so as to realize accurate control over all positions of dies during operation.

The textile baler can be used to compress clothing into boxes of different sizes according to customers’ needs. It’s an ideal equipment for recycling clothing and other textile waste.

Textile Baler Application

  • Waste textile;
  • Old clothes;
  • OCC (Cardboard);
  • Waste plastic;
  • Scrap metal;

How Does A Textile Baler Work?

  1. Load the textiles into the baler in batches (the indicator light will tell you when it is full).
  2. Tie the compressed bale with a packing rope.
  3. Press the button to eject the bales of the textile.
  4. Transport bales to the places where you need them.

The textile baler are controlled by hydraulic cylinders which are operated by servo valves through pressure sensors so as to realize accurate control over all positions of dies during operation.

This video shows how the manual vertical textile baler works.

Parameters for vertical textile baler

Parameter for 30 ton textile baler machine

  • Motor: 5.5kw
  • Bale weight: 150-200kg
  • Bale size: 900*600*900mm
  • LxWxH: 1400*860*2180mm

Parameter for 60 ton textile baler

  • Motor: 11kw
  • Bale weight: 300-400kg
  • Bale size: 1000*600*1000mm
  • LxWxH: 1500*980*3000mm

Parameter for 80 ton textile baler

  • Motor: 15kw
  • Bale weight: 400-500kg
  • Bale size: 1000*600*1000mm
  • LxWxH: 1500*980*3000mm

Note: Due to constant product updates, baler specifications, dimensions, and other product details may vary slightly during delivery. If you are interested in this product, please get in touch with us for a more detailed quotation and a detailed list of equipment.

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