Silage Baler Machine

  • Silage baler machine is a kind of agricultural machinery that utilizes the hydraulic principle to bale the raw feed such as pasture grass and corn stalks into round or square silage.
  • Silage baler machine is mainly used for silage making, the baled silage stalks have a certain degree of compactness, easy to handle, suitable for transportation.
  • Silage baler machine can pack loose raw feed into tight silage, retain the nutrients of silage, long-term storage.
  • Silage baler is mainly composed of feeding device, cutting device, compaction device, strapping device and transmission system and other components.

What materials can be baled by silage baler machine?


The corn silage baler can mainly bale the following materials:

  • Forage grass: including alfalfa grass, rye grass, oat grass, fescue grass and so on.
  • Corn straw
  • Wheat straw
  • Rice straw
  • Sorghum straw
  • Soybean straw
  • Peanut Straw
  • Sunflower stalks
  • Sugar beet leaves

These materials can be made into silage after being baled by silage baler machine, which can be used to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock. It is widely used in livestock farms.

2 of the most popular silage baler machines

The main 2 types of silage balers are:

Silage round balers break silage into round bales. Silage round bales have the advantages of good sealing, easy transportation and long storage time. The output is about 100 bales per hour.

The square silage baler bales silage into square shapes. Square silage has the advantage of being neatly stacked and easy to transport. It can also bale garlic, peanuts, sawdust and other loose materials, with an output of about 200 bales per hour.

Silage round baler parameters
Bale weight(kg)   

Bale size(mm)   

550*520mm or 700*700mm
Loading conveyor belt(mm)   
Motor power(kw)   

50-65 bale/h   
Manual / Automatic   
Grass silage film   
Film layer   
Distribution box PLC regulation   
Film wrapping efficiency 22s/6 layers
Square silage baler parameters

Cylinder number   

2 pcs or 3 pcs

about 110-210 bale/h
Outlet size   

70*28*38cm or 70*30*40cm
Bale weight   

about 60-75kg
Hydraulic oil   

Wheel number   

2 pcs or 4 pcs
Electric Box   

Hydraulic Oil Cooling

The difference between square silage baler and silage round baler, and how to choose?

Square silage baler and silage round baler are both agricultural machines used for baling forage, corn stalks and other raw feed into silage, but there are some differences between the two in terms of working principle, baling effect, scope of application, hydraulic system, bale wrap, storage method, selection suggestions and so on.

Working principle

The basic working principle of square silage baler and silage round baler is the same, namely:

  1. Silage is fed through the feeding device into the cutting device for cutting.
  2. The cut feed is fed into the silage baler machine.
  3. Packaging of silage materials.

Baling effect

Square silage baler:

  • Advantages: small size, easy to carry, can be carried by one person.
  • Disadvantages: relatively poor sealing, prone to mold and rot.

Silage round baler:

  • Advantages: good sealing, easy transportation, long storage time.
  • Disadvantages: large size, difficult to handle.

Scope of application

Square silage baler:

Suitable for:

  • Forages with high forage content and low moisture content.
  • Suitable for sawdust, bagasse, garlic, peanut shells and other bulk materials.
  • Forage requiring short-term storage.

Silage round balers:

Suitable for:

  • Forages with low forage content and high moisture content.
  • Forage with long transportation distance.
  • Forage requiring long-term storage.

Silage baler machine price:

The output of a square silage baler can be double that of a silage round baler, and the price of a square baler is nearly double that of a round baler. Of course, different configurations of different prices, if you want to know the specific price, please contact us for a quote.

Other differences

  • Hydraulic system: square silage balers generally use double or triple cylinder hydraulic system, fast baling speed, high yield.
  • Wrapping film: silage round balers generally use special wrapping film, strong toughness, good sealing; square silage baler can use woven bags, plastic bags, etc., but the sealing is relatively poor.
  • Storage: round Silage can be stacked outdoors directly; square silage needs to be stacked in a cool and dry place.

How to choose a suitable silage baler machine?

As professional silage baler machine manufacturers, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

  • The type and quantity of feed
  • The size and shape of the site
  • The user's budget
  • Storage conditions

Here are some specific recommendations:

  • If you need to bale a variety of materials, such as silage, straw, sawdust, garlic, bagasse, etc., it is recommended that you choose a square silage baler machine.
  • If your materials need to be stored for a long period of time (about 2 years), it is recommended that you choose a silage round baler.
  • If your materials are packed for transportation and short storage time, we recommend you to choose square silage baler machine.
  • If you have limited space, we suggest you choose square baler, which can help you save space better.
  • If you have high requirements for production and want to pack as fast as possible, we suggest you choose three-cylinder square silage baler.
  • If your budget is limited, we suggest you choose silage round baler.

If you are still confused about how to choose silage baler machine, please contact us, we will give you the most direct and suitable advice.