used clothes baler/textile Baler

Vertical used clothes baler/textile Baler is a kind of machine used for compressing and baling clothes or textiles. It mainly uses the hydraulic cylinder to push the hydraulic plate to compress the clothes/textile into a package, thus saving storage space and facilitating transportation and management.

Four-door vertical baler

The most commonly used clothes baler/textile baler is the four-door vertical baler.

The four door opening vertical clothing baler has the following advantages:

  1. High efficiency: The four-door vertical clothes baler can bundle from four directions at the same time, which improves the baling efficiency.
  2. Strong applicability: The four-door opening clothes baler can compress various types of clothes and textile, including T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, down jackets, various textiles and so on.
  3. Easy to operate: The four-door textile baler is usually operated semi-automatically and requires manual tying of ropes, which is easy to learn.
  4. High safety: The four-door old clothes/textile baler is equipped with safety guards to prevent injuries to the operator.
  5. Easy maintenance: The four-door baler has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.
used clothes baler | textile Baler

How does the clothing/textile baler work?

  1. Put the clothes or textiles into the bin.
  2. Once full, the baler is started and the platen moves downwards, compressing the clothes or textile.
  3. When the preset pressure is reached, the press stops moving.
  4. Continue to put the clothes/textiles into the baler. When it is full, start the baler and the press plate moves downwards to compress the clothes or textiles.
  5. Use strapping tape to tie up the compressed clothes or textiles.
  6. Open the baler door and eject the packed clothes/textiles.

The most common clothes/textiles baler:

  • FUV-30: Light baler suitable for compressing small quantities of clothes/textiles, the pressure of the platen is 30 tons, the production capacity is 2-3 bales/hour, and the weight of the bales is 40-60kg.
  • FUV-60: Medium baler for compression of medium quantity of clothes/textiles, with 60 tons of platen pressure, production capacity of 4-5 bales/hour and bale weight of 150-200kg.
  • FUV-80: Heavy duty baler for compression of large quantities of clothes/textiles, with a platen pressure of 80 tons, a production capacity of 8-10 bales/hour and a bale weight of 200-300kg.

Features of used clothes baler/textile baler

Galvanized oil cylinder

Galvanized oil cylinder: durable, rust and corrosion-resistant.

  • Adopting high-quality galvanized cylinders, the surface has been specially treated with excellent rust and corrosion resistance, which can be used for a long time even in humid or harsh environments without worrying about rusting.
  • The galvanized layer effectively blocks the cylinder from contact with air and water, preventing rust spots and corrosion on the cylinder surface and prolonging the service life of the cylinder.
  • The surface of the galvanized cylinder is smooth and flat, easy to clean and maintain.

Copper core motor: strong power, smooth operation

Equipped with high-quality copper core motor, it has strong power and can provide sufficient power to ensure the stable operation of the baler.

Copper core motor has good heat dissipation performance, not easy to overheat, prolongs the service life of the motor.

Low noise and vibration during operation, more quiet and comfortable.

Copper core motor has high efficiency, energy saving and power saving.

Copper core motor for clothes baler
Strict welding process of vertical clothing baler

Strict welding process: sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance.

  • Strict welding process is adopted to ensure that the welds are firm and reliable, able to withstand great pressure and impact, and have a long service life.
  • Precise welding technology makes the overall structure of the body more stable and not easy to be deformed or cracked.
  • Welded seams are smooth and beautiful, and the overall appearance is more exquisite and atmospheric.
  • Strict quality control ensures that every baler meets high standards.

Thickened and aggravated platen: strong baling force and good effect.

  • Adopting thickened and aggravated platen can provide greater packing strength and compress the materials more tightly. The spaced platen design, the pressure is distributed, which can make the baler more effective.
  • The intervals of the platen design, the pressure distribution is even, the packing effect is more ideal.
  • The thicker and heavier platen is durable and not easy to wear and deform.
  • Strong baling force can effectively reduce the volume of material transportation, saving space and cost.
Thickened and aggravated platen

What materials can be recycled by four-door baler?

Used clothes baler/textile baler can pack other types of materials in addition to clothes, including:

The specific materials that can be baled need to be determined according to the specific model and parameters of the baler, if you have old clothes/textiles that need to be recycled, please contact us, will be customized for you to produce used clothes baler/textile baler at factory wholesale prices.