How to maintain your hydraulic baler?

Why does your baler need maintenance?

Hydraulic balers can break down after extended use, causing them to stop working or reduce productivity. These failures can be avoided and solved by regular maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures the stability and durability of the hydraulic system, extending the life of the equipment while ensuring that productivity is not affected by equipment failure.

How to properly maintain your hydraulic baler?

The maintenance of hydraulic baler mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Hydraulic oil replacement: Replace the hydraulic oil regularly, usually every six months. New hydraulic oil can effectively protect the machine and prolong the life of the machine.

2. Cleaning the machine: After the machine is used, clean the debris and dust inside and outside the machine in time to keep it dry and clean.

3. Maintenance of hydraulic valve: Check and maintain hydraulic equipment such as the hydraulic valve and oil pump regularly to ensure the stability of the machine's hydraulic system.

4. Lubrication of bearings and chains: Bearings and chains need to be regularly oiled or sprayed with lubricant to ensure their normal operation.

5. Safety guards check: regularly check whether the machine's safety guards are intact and effective, and if the safety guards are found to be damaged, they need to be repaired or stopped in time to ensure the safety of the operators. For problems that cannot be handled by yourself, please consult your supplier in time.

In short

Regular maintenance of the machine can extend the service life of the machine, reduce the occurrence of breakdowns, and improve the efficiency of the machine, to help your business.

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