Factors That Affect The Price Of A Waste Paper Baling Machine

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A good waste paper baling machine price will help us save more, so what are the factors that affect the price of a paper baler?

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The price & quality of steel determine the cost of the Waste paper baler.

The waste paper baler manufacturing cost is directly related to the raw material cost. If the price of steel increases substantially, the cost of waste paper balers will also increase. The quality of the steel determines the quality of the waste paper baler. The thicker the steel plate used, the higher the price of the baler.

Our waste paper baler machine is mainly made of high-quality steel, which has good performance in strength, toughness, and bending ability. We use high-quality steel materials and improve production efficiency. It can help you save costs when purchasing our machines.

The size of the waste paper baler machine

There are many different sizes of waste paper baler machines in the market. The larger it is, the more expensive it will be. The capacity of the waste paper baling machine depends on its size. If a company plans to produce a tremendous amount of waste paper, it needs a big-size waste paper baler machine. However, if they only want to process small volumes of waste paper, they can choose small waste paper baling machines. Choosing the right size waste paper baler will save much cost for them.

The degree of automation affects the price of the waste paper baling machine

The waste paper baler has manual rope ties and automatic rope ties. The higher the degree of automation, the more expensive the waste paper baler.
The waste paper balers with manual rope ties are cheaper than automatic ones, but they require more manpower to operate. The automatic ones are more expensive, but they are easier to operate and require less manpower.

The choice of bale tie also affects the cost of the waste paper baler.

Choosing the suitable capacity baling wire is also very important when choosing waste paper baling machines. Waste paper baler wire has two types: single wire and double wire. A single wire one is more popular than a double one because it has a better price-performance ratio and higher productivity compared with double ones. But if you need more productivity and efficiency, go for double wire ones instead of single ones!


To sum up, I hope you can take the above factors into consideration when buying a waste paper baler, and wish you buy a good price paper baler.

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