How To Operate A Baler Machine

Knowing how to properly operate the baler machine before you do it will save you more time and get the best bales.

How to operate Vertical Baler Machine correctly?


Step 1: Add hydraulic oil, turn on the power, and put the material into the compression box.

Step 2: Push the handle; the pressure plate starts to compress downward.

Step 3: When the compression is finished, thread the rope and tie the rope.

Step 3: Push the handle again, the platen will rise, and the next round of compression can be carried out.

How to operate horizontal baler Machine correctly?

  1. Load 90% of hydraulic oil and start the power supply.
  2. Start the motor M (start the conveyor belt) to the compression chamber to add the waste paper to be packed; press the main cylinder forward button to make the platen forward to compress the material. If the bale is too small after a single press, press the main cylinder return button to make the platen return, add the material again and compress it.
  3. When the set pressure of the system is reached, the system keeps the pressure for 3 seconds and then unloads the load, the bale block packing is finished, and the bale block will be bundled tightly through the small door groove through the packing belt.
  4. Press the remote control when the strapping is finished; the hydraulic cylinder drives the door buckle to open and the small door to open.
  5. Press the main cylinder advance button and the main cylinder advance to push out the bale block.
  6. After the main cylinder advances into place, trigger back the manual valve, and the main cylinder returns to the initial position.
  7. Close the small door and fasten the latch, the cylinder push to lock the small door and starts to enter the next working cycle.

Problems to be noted when operating the baler machine

  1. Whether vertical baler or horizontal baler, the operator must follow the operating procedures.
  2. Before use, the hydraulic oil should add to the specified oil level line (46 # hydraulic oil).
  3. Before starting the hydraulic pump, check whether the circuit is disconnected or connected to the leak.
  4. The hydraulic anti-bale plate around the timely cleaning to prevent jamming.
  5. When packing, the operator should be closed the box cover door before starting to pack.
  6. After packing, all hydraulic rods are returned to the original position to prevent damage or oil leakage.
  7. Regular maintenance work.
  8. You should stop the operation immediately if abnormalities are found and resolve the problem before continuing.

  9. Unauthorized pressure adjustment is strictly prohibited; the operator must work under the adjusted oil pressure.
  10. The oil in the tank must be strictly filtered and often maintain sufficient oil volume.
  11. The machine lubrication should be filled with lubricating oil at least once a day according to the requirements and timely cleaning of debris in the cavity.
  12. The machine in operation or packing shall not repair or touch the moving parts by hand; it is strictly prohibited to press the material with hands or feet in the material box.
  13. Pump, valve, and pressure gauge adjustment must have experienced technical personnel to carry out, such as found that the pressure gauge is faulty and should be immediately repaired or replaced.
  14. The machine uses 46# anti-wear oil, often paying attention to the oil temperature; when it exceeds 75℃, you should stop it.

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