The Details of Vertical baler

The vertical baler machine is an essential recycling equipment for used cardboard and waste paper, which can compress and package these materials after being pressed. The vertical baler machine is recycling equipment that compresses loose materials into a uniform shape through hydraulic pressure. The vertical baler has the following features: high efficiency, high output, simple operation, small space occupancy and easy maintenance.

The vertical baler is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic system, an electrical control system, and other components.

the detail of vertical baler

vertical baler machine detail display

vertical baler machine details 1
vertical baler machine details 2
vertical baler machine details 4

Thickened steel plate

Load-bearing pressure without deformation, more stable and durable.

Anti-disengagement handle

Make the operation more safe, reliable, sturdy and durable.

High pressure oil cylinder

No oil leakage, no pressure relief, high temperature resistance, stable and long service life.

What materials can the vertical baler bale?

Vertical baler, multi-functional recycling machinery, can pack waste cartons, all kinds of waste paper, plastic bottles, cans, straw, and other materials you like to pack recycling, simple operation, real low investment, and high income.

Cardboard Bale

Plastic Bottle Bale

Starw Bale

PoP Cans Bale

Waste Paper Bale

Woven Bag Bale

Choose the right model you want

10 tons vertical baler
20 ton vertical baler
30 ton vertical baler

10 ton vertical baler

20 ton Vertical Baler Machine

30 Ton Vertical Baler For Sale

40 ton vertical baler
80T plastic baler
180T plastic baler

60 Ton vertical baler

80 Ton vertical Baler for sale

120T vertical baler machine

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