More Details Of Vertical Baler

Vertical Baler Parts

The structure of the vertical baler machine is simple and I will show you the vertical baler parts and their advantages with pictures.

vertical baler machine
detail of vertical baler machine
vertical baler machine 5

Pure copper motor

Powerful, durable, fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, smooth operation.

Taller and wider frame

The height of the baler frame is15cm, the pressure is stronger, and it is stable and durable.

Chrome cylinder

The cylinder is made of chrome plating, with no rust or oil leakage.

vertical baler machine 4
vertical baler machine 3
vertical baler machine 2

Upgrade the welding process

The machine is sturdy and durable, with no welding, deformation, or humanized design.

Upgrade fuel tank

The oil temperature rises slowly; please fill up the hydraulic oil before use.

Security lock

The detachment prevention buckle prevents the door from collapsing due to squeezing.

Advantages of vertical baler

Vertical balers have many advantages. Vertical balers are easy to operate, have fast baling speed, continuously baling different materials, and produce various types of bales.

Easy to operate

The vertical baler machine is easy to operate and does not need much space. There are no complicated parts in the machine; The operator only needs to press the foot switch or pull the control handle to start or stop the machine. A vertical baler is easy to operate, so it can be operated by one or two people or even only by one person.

High speed of baling

The vertical downstroke baler has high efficiency and can produce large-sized bales quickly with low noise and low consumption of power supply because the compressed material is fed vertically into a stack. As a result, compression time is shorter.

Easy maintenance

The vertical downstroke baler is a new baling machine with a simple structure and requires only regular maintenance of the hydraulic cylinders for long service life.

Small size and lightweight

The vertical baler has a small size and is lightweight, so it can be moved easily between sites if necessary.


A vertical baler is a great option for any farm or business that wants to save time and money. Vertical balers are more efficient because they take up less floor space, are easier to use, and have a greater compaction ratio. We are a manufacturer of vertical balers and horizontal balers; contact us for a quote now!

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