Vertical Baler VS Horizontal Baler, How To Choose?

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The appearance of Vertical baler VS Horizontal baler.

The appearance of horizontal baler and vertical baler is different. Horizontal baler is a rectangular shape, lying in the open space as if sleeping, while the vertical baler belongs to the three-dimensional look standing in the open space.

vertical balers

Vertical Baler Machine

The output of Vertical Baler VS Horizontal Baler.

  • Horizontal waste paper baler is larger than the vertical baler, its compression force is greater than that of the vertical baler, the size of the bale is also larger, and the efficiency of the bale is high. General waste paper baler using horizontal baler. Horizontal waste paper balers are easy to automate and can improve the efficiency of baling and save the labor cost of baling.
  • However, if your daily output is only 2 tons or less, it is recommended to buy a vertical baler to save costs and improve the rate of return.
  • You can choose a vertical waste paper baler for small-scale baling stations, or if you are short of initial capital, but if you are ready to expand your output, it is wise to choose a horizontal baler. In addition, the vertical baler can be used for wool, shredded leather, shredded cloth, and other garbage to pack.

The difference in price between horizontal and vertical balers.

The price of a vertical baler is usually under $5000, while a horizontal baler is more than $5000.

Different automation degrees between horizontal and vertical balers.

Vertical balers generally require manual feeding and operation and manual rope bundling.

Horizontal balers have semi-automatic and fully automatic types. A fully automatic waste paper baler only needs 1 person to operate, while semi-automatic needs 2-4 people to handle it.

Features of Baler Machine

Vertical baler features.

  1. Hydraulic system ramming, manual type loading, manual type button control.
  2. Fully maintain the physical characteristics of the material.
  3. The pressing ratio of waste material can reach 5:1.
  4. Two bundle channels, easy to control.
  5. Anti-retraction backward hook, maintain the effect of compression into.
  6. Automatic reset of the pressure plate.

Hydraulic baler features.

  1. Using an anti-wear hydraulic oil circuit power device greatly improves the efficiency of the automatic baler baling efficiency, with faster speed, high efficiency, energy saving, power saving, the use of relatively stable performance, and other characteristics.
  2. Push line operating system, rapid tying device, and low failure rate of equipment are conducive to maintenance.
  3. The use of the basic principles of structural mechanics 3 sets of tight bale hydraulic cylinder to a large extent when being compressed into the object compressed into a tighter, more regular beat out the package, the relative density is greater.
  4. Touch screen control panel, microcomputer PLC control, simple, clear, and simple to understand, and has the basic function of computer correction.
  5. Double serrated loading with a cutting edge knife greatly improves the efficiency of paper cutting and extends the service life of the knife.
  6. Strong disperser device, using relatively stable performance, very durable.


The vertical waste baler is smaller because the bale size is smaller, and the efficiency is not high. While the horizontal baler is huge compared to the vertical baler, its compression force is also greater than the vertical baler, the efficiency of the bale is high, and it is easy to achieve automation.

Vertical baler VS horizontal baler, how to choose? Vertical balers are cheap and require manual tying; horizontal balers have a high degree of automation and can be automated.

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