Hydraulic baler machine - plunger pump and vane pump difference

A hydraulic baler machine is a device that uses hydraulic pressure to compress materials into dense and easy-to-store and transport equipment, while piston pumps and vane pumps are two types of pumps commonly used in hydraulic systems. Although they can both provide hydraulic energy, the two have significant differences in structure and working principle.

First, the piston pump is composed of multiple rigid plungers and an oil delivery disc, by turning the eccentric shaft to push the plunger for oil delivery, the same size pump, the piston pump pressure is generally higher, up to 10,000 psi or more. The vane pump, on the other hand, consists of a rotor and multiple vanes, and the rotor rotates to draw the oil in and deliver it out. The pressure of the vane pump is generally below 3000 psi and is more suitable for low-pressure systems.

Second, the piston pump in the output pressure and flow is more stable and accurate, suitable for the pressure and flow requirements of high occasions, such as: industrial automation equipment, ships, engineering machinery and other high-pressure hydraulic system. And the vane pump flow rate is larger, but the output pressure and flow rate is more unstable, suitable for higher flow requirements but lower pressure requirements of the occasion, such as: injection molding machines, presses, machine tools and other low pressure hydraulic system.

Finally, because the piston pump in the work requires a high precision fit clearance, its manufacturing and maintenance are more difficult, but the life is longer. And vane pump manufacturing and maintenance is relatively simple, but because the vane in the work will be constantly wearing and has high precision requirements, the life is shorter.

In general, the choice of pump type of hydraulic baler machine needs to be selected according to the needs of the actual application.However, plunger pumps are usually chosen as their power source for high pressures and high flow rates.

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