The importance of hydraulic oil to the hydraulic metal baler machine

A hydraulic metal baler machine is a machine designed to compress, pack and recycle a wide range of metal scrap. As an efficient and resource-saving equipment, it works by transferring liquid to generate pressure, so that the metal scraps inside the compression chamber can be compacted continuously and evenly, thus saving storage space, reducing logistics costs, and improving recycling efficiency.

In this process, the importance of hydraulic oil cannot be ignored. It is the medium for conveying power and signals in the hydraulic system and also has multiple functions such as lubrication, sealing, and cooling, which are directly related to the safety, stability, and durability of the hydraulic metal baler. The following is the main role of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic metal baler machine:

1. Transmitting power and signal: Hydraulic oil pushes the liquid through the high-pressure pump to the reaction device, generating enough pressure to enable the metal scrap in the compression chamber to be compacted gradually through the cylinder. At the same time, the hydraulic oil can also send the fluid back to the tank through the return valve to complete a cycle of power transmission.

2. Lubrication and sealing: Hydraulic oil can form a sliding layer at the dynamic and static seals, which can reduce wear and lower friction. At the same time, in the hydraulic system between the various hydraulic components, hydraulic oil can not only play a lubricating role but can also play a sealing role to prevent fluid leakage and gas entry.

3. cooling effect: hydraulic system, hydraulic oil also has a cooling effect, the heat generated by the movement will be relatively fast away to ensure the normal work of the hydraulic system, such as oil temperature being too high, will cause damage to hydraulic components.

It can be seen that in the operation of the hydraulic metal baler machine, the importance of hydraulic oil is indispensable. To ensure the normal operation of the baler, users should choose the right hydraulic oil according to different operating environments, pressure, temperature, and other factors, and regularly check and replace the hydraulic oil to avoid oil pollution and aging leading to failure problems, to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

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