Safe operating procedures for vertical waste paper balers

The vertical waste paper packaging process can be divided into four steps: feeding, pressing materials, bundling materials and turning out the packaging materials. As a professional equipment, we must pay attention to safe operation in operation to avoid damage to the equipment due to improper operation.

1. When adding waste materials, it is necessary to put them flat

In the feeding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the input material must be parallel and uniform to prevent the machine from being damaged easily when the pressure plate is pressed down. When the material placement is not smooth, the equipment will be more prone to damage.

2. Pay attention to load when pressing materials

Generally, the running-in period of the new hydraulic baler machine is about 3 months, and do not overpressure during the running-in period, which will shorten the service life of the equipment.
In daily use, if the machine is suppressed for a long time, the motor load is increased, the current is increased, the hydraulic oil is heated up sharply, and the cylinder and tubing are increased by the expansion force, which will also shorten the life of the machine.
If you are a new factory, you usually need to buy a few more equipment and change the equipment to take a rest.

3. The operator needs to stand in the right position

When the vertical waste paper baler start, the pressure plate downward compression of materials, materials because of compression will produce a large external thrust, when the door lock is damaged, the door is subject to a great deal of internal thrust, may be automatically ejected, the door ejection force will be very large, if the operator is standing in front of the door, accidental injury may occur.

So the operator should never stand in front of the door, the correct standing position should be the right hand holding the manual reversing valve handle, the body and the round column into a 45-degree angle, so that you can avoid the front door and the side of the door outside of the injuries caused by the pop-up.

4. Be careful when picking up the warehouse door of the crash

In the compression work is completed, open the door to pick up the goods, because the door by the compressed material outward thrust, there is a probability of automatic pop-up, this time the door is open to a great deal of strength, the operator must pay attention to safety, can not stand in the front of the warehouse door. To avoid accidental injury.

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