Why are the prices of baler machine so different?

There are many customers have the same question about the uneven price of the baler machine, why the price gap of the baler machine that looks almost or exactly the same is very large, from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, what in the end caused such a big price difference? Different manufacturers, the same equipment, the price difference of a few hundred, the difference of many thousands, what is the difference between the two devices?

1. Functional differences

The difference in the function of the baler machine will lead to a large difference in price. Nowadays, the types of baler machine are very rich and diverse, and the functions have their advantages and disadvantages, such as manual balers, pneumatic balers, electric balers, semi-automatic balers and automatic balers. Due to the different degree of automation of the equipment, it is also different in price.

2.the difference in product quality

The quality of the baler machine is different, and the price is also different. Although the types of baler machine in the market now vary widely, but the essence of the baler machine has not changed, the mechanical structure and production process of the same type of baler are similar, the most important thing is that the work and materials of the baler are different: For example, whether it is a high or low table baler, their production process is the same, so the quality of the workmanship (such as: welding quality) and the material used in the main components (such as: hydraulic pump) determine the price difference of the baler.

3. competition between baler manufacturers

In recent years, the number of manufacturers of baling machines is increasing, and the number of dealers is also increasing, which has led to vicious competition between manufacturers and manufacturers, dealers and dealers under the drive of interests, but the product has been determined in the development of the production of the product to use what qualified materials and accessories, some manufacturers and businesses in order to suppress competitors, To attract those potential customers who do not know much about the equipment, choose to use some low-grade or unqualified product accessories for production and assembly, in order to reduce prices and save costs, and eventually produce equipment with potential quality problems. It has caused inconvenience or even loss to the customer's subsequent production.

4. Brand premium

Some baler manufacturers have higher brand awareness, and other unknown brands naturally have more dominance in the market. At the same time, it and some small manufacturers produced some advantages, such as: performance, workmanship, quality, function are not the same, so there is a difference in the price.

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